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Concept development / Programming:  Through client interviews, site observations, independent research, and extensive interaction with the owners, operators, and users of facilities, we define the operational and functional requirements of each individual project.  In partnership with the client and the project team, we prioritize project criteria from the most urgent to the most minute.


Schematic Design:  Within the guidelines of performance, budget, and space we prepare schematic floor plans to suggest possible solutions for each project.  The pros and cons of various design solutions are considered, summary equipment cost estimates are prepared, and architectural and engineering coordination begins.


Design Development:  The approved schematic design is reconciled with architectural and structural elements, code issues, and the details of workstation development.  A client-friendly design document is prepared for presentation and approval.  Detailed coordination information is refined and documented for distribution to the project team.


Construction Documentation and Administration:  An idea is only as good as its execution.  We work with the architect and the project team and, using cutting edge technology, provide detailed construction drawings and concise equipment specifications.  We review contractor’s submittals and provide on-site inspections to ensure results that meet the strigent standards of our carefully prepared project documents.


For more detailed information on specific project tasks and sequence, refer to our “FOODSERVICE DIRECTOR’S GUIDE”


Link to Foodservice Director's Guide


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