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Daniel Brown Consulting, LLC

Foodservice Facilities Designers, Planners, Consultants


More than a million meals are prepared each day in facilities designed by our consultants and developed under the watchful eyes of our project team.  Our resume is filled with innovative and imaginative solutions.  We once made an old mail jeep conform to local health codes requiring a fully functional three compartment sink and hand lavatory, and our consultants are also responsible for some of the largest and most complex mass feeding facilities in the US.

 From schools and universities to hotels, country clubs, healthcare and corporate environments, even theme parks, our resume includes virtually every type of facility where large quantities of food are prepared, displayed, served, or sold.  Whether a project involves revitalizing an existing facility or planning a new one, we apply the same proven principles to every assignment.  The results are facilities that are not only innovative, but are completed on time, in budget, and with the complete involvement of the client in every step of the process.

 Our firm includes a dynamic team of professionals developing foodservice solutions for the twenty-first century.  Our methods are based on the architectural project management model.  Our multi-talented, sequenced team approach provides a disciplined yet unique planning process for each of our projects.

 From the foodservice operator to the project architect to the MEP engineers to the individual who dines in one of our facilities, our goal is to provide solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs.  The results of our process are facilities that function efficiently as well as aesthetically - Facilities delivered on time and within budget - Foodservice solutions for the twenty-first century.



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